World of Warcraft Vanilla – pfQuest Addon

pfQuest Map Markers Mode

pfQuest is an invaluable addon for World of Warcraft Vanilla (1.12). Designed to assist players in locating various in-game objects and quests, it reads quest objectives, parses them, and uses its internal database to display matches on the world and minimaps. The addon comes with a user-friendly GUI for browsing known objects. If an item is unavailable on your realm, a [?] will appear next to its name.

Check pfQuest’s website for updates and more information.

Key Features

Not Just a Quest Guide:
pfQuest aims to be an accurate in-game version of AoWoW or Wowhead, rather than a traditional quest or tour guide. The Vanilla version is powered by the VMaNGOS database, while the Burning Crusade version uses data from the CMaNGOS project with translations from MaNGOS Extras.

Successor to ShaguQuest:
pfQuest is a complete rewrite of ShaguQuest and operates independently of any specific map or quest log addons. It supports the default interface and other addons. If you encounter any conflicts, please report them to our bug tracker.

Installation Guide

  1. Download pfQuest
  2. Unpack the Zip File
  3. Move the pfQuest Folder to WoW-Directory\Interface\AddOns
  4. Restart WoW
  5. Set “Script Memory” to “0”

Development Version

The development version includes databases for all languages and client expansions. Depending on the folder name, it will launch in both Vanilla and TBC modes. This version uses more RAM/Disk space and slightly increases loading times.


  • Change Node Colors: Click the node on the World Map.
  • Remove Completed Quests: <shift>-click the quest giver on the world map.
  • Hide Clusters Temporarily: Hold the <ctrl> key on the world map.
  • Hide Nodes on Mini-map: Hover over the mini-map and hold the <ctrl> key.
  • Move the Mini-map Button: <shift>-drag the icon.
  • Move the Arrow: <shift>-drag the frame.

Addon Memory Usage

pfQuest includes a comprehensive database (~80 MB including all locales) loaded into memory at game launch. The memory usage is persistent and does not increase over time, ensuring no performance impact. If you see a warning about addon memory usage, set the addon memory limit to 0 (no limit) at the character selection screen.

Map & Minimap Nodes

Auto-Tracking Modes:

  1. All Quests: Automatically shows and updates every quest on the map.
  2. Tracked Quests: Only tracked quests (Shift-Click) are shown and updated.
  3. Manual Selection: Only manually displayed quest objectives are shown. Completed objectives are removed automatically.
  4. Hide Quests: Similar to Manual Selection but also hides Quest-Givers and retains completed objectives on the map.

Database Browser

Access the database GUI by clicking the pfQuest mini-map icon or via /db show. Browse and bookmark entries, with up to 100 entries shown per tab. Use the scroll wheel or up/down arrows to navigate.

Questlog Integration

Shift-click on a quest to add a quest link in chat. Compatible with ShaguQuest, Questie, and QuestLink. Some servers may block quest links; disable this feature in settings if needed.

Questlog Buttons:

  • Show: Adds the quest objectives to the map.
  • Hide: Removes the selected quest from the map.
  • Clean: Removes all nodes placed by pfQuest from the map.
  • Reset: Restores default visibility settings based on the map dropdown menu.

Chat/Macro CLI

pfQuest command line

Create macros for quick access to objects:

  • Show Iron Deposit: /db object Iron Deposit
  • Show All Mines: /db mines
  • Filter Mines by Skill: /db mines 150 225

Alternate commands include /shagu, /pfquest, and /pfdb.

Enjoy your enhanced World of Warcraft experience with pfQuest!