Our Server can be reached with the address: minecraft.splashgame.org running version 1.16.2, when you login the first time, you should be in our Lobby world, from where you can choose four portals to go through, each portal takes you to a new world, where you can play and have fun 🙂

The four worlds are

Valhalla – PvP Survival World:

Splashgame – PvE Survival World:

Einherjer – Mob Arena World:

Nidhug – Hard Mode PvP Survial World that resets every month:

Voting can be done on the following sites:

Splashgame community – Minecraft server | TopG

Vote for Splashgame Community

Splashgame Community Minecraft Worlds 1.16.2 Minecraft Server

Splashgame Community IP & Vote – Best Minecraft Server

Splashgame Community – Vote at Trackyserver

Please know that you must be online in the Lobby world to recieve any rewards.