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  • Visit the Church of Creepertology and give stuff to those in need!

  • Speedy Healy Light Towers Around Town for everyone!

  • Soothing Staring Spawn, with a MobHunting Scoreboard!

  • Super Awesome Town Well with the Bank in the Background!

  • Harvest the Fields, Feed the Animals, Sell Produce and Enjoy Many Pays!

  • Trow out Garbage and Hear the Sizzle!

  • Purchase Shiny Armor, Trade Valuables and Many Arrow

  • Super Cool Mini Map of Spawnville ingame in Spawnville! SUCH WOW

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This is the greeting and salutations message for welcoming new visitors :)


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And our World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade version 2.4.3 (Available via Torrent from SeedPeer

If you already have the client, set realmlist.wtf to minecraft.splashgame.org

This is currently a testing realm, everything is untouched and 'vanilla'

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Server is on a 24 hourly restart, around 03:00 - 04:00 GTM 


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