Fix … it . .quick …we must… (

Fix … it . .quick …we must… (
Current patch is mostly a quickfix of recently discovered bugs with a small context menu tweak and some minor optimizations.

Patch notes (ver.
Several quickfixes (observer mode, loot drop and selection of objects)
Reworked the context menu a bit and added ability sorting
Some minor client side optimizations

Furniture placement in houses and in tunnels is available! (

With this major update, we fulfill our promises to provide furniture placement in houses and inside tunnels in October. All movable objects still have to be constructed on the ground outside the houses and tunnels, but after their completion, they can be lifted and dropped anywhere inside your house or inside your underground dwelling! Have fun designing your interiors and stay tuned for more furniture and decorations in future patches ;)

Patch notes (ver.
You can use Drop ability inside houses and inside tunnels now
Fixed few errors that prevented local private servers from starting in some cases
Unstuck positioning and algorithm is changed. It can no longer be used to bypass walls and fortifications
Tweaked hunger system a little. Primitive food should no longer provide a good nutrition. Idling characters slowly lose hunger rate now.
Default setting for objects claims timeout is now 48 hours
Fixed crossbows reload bug
Corpses and graves can no longer be used as storage – you can not place anything in them
Fixed trees rotation, placement and scale algorithms. Same tree types, that were planted nearby, should not look like completely identical clones any more. There should be no giant trees or tree stumps any more
Significantly lowered bleeding rates
Tweaked and corrected UI in some places
Reworked and tweaked some 2D and 3D art assets, added missing item icons
A lot of inventory and ranged combat bugs fixes. There should be no floating “killer bolts” anymore
Numerous other bug and crash fixes

Three Weeks into LiF on Splashgame

I’ve been over the database and dug these following informaion out ;)

Top 10 Strongmen of Valhalla

out of 333 strongmen in the whole world!

  • Haraldd Blaatand – 55.487958
  • Dimitri Dragovich – 48.396064
  • Virtus Berrypicker – 45.295049
  • fijona malmros – 45-073067
  • Castiel Akers – 44.673251
  • Nemafar Stormgaard 42.792081
  • Fobian Flobsen – 42.717423
  • Sindre Kallman – 40.233212
  • ste kawa – 40.147575
  • Frederik Matthiren – 39.724145

Top 10 Strongmen of Mjolnir

out of 208 strongmen in the whole world!

  • Skov Skider Stilling – 58.632045
  • Vikan The Auriunian – 52.000000
  • Fijona malmros – 52.000000
  • Aliestor Axe – 49.997468
  • Neelou Chi – 47.213238
  • Nemafar Stormgaard – 45.359658
  • Svend DenGale – 43.790976
  • Zooka Von Silvergyll – 41.895136
  • Nelou Chi – 39.762563
  • Uggi Skallagrimsson – 37.079378

Valhalla is without doubt the most gory realm where 207 good men have died where as only 93 good men have been slain on Mjolnir

Valhalla is still the most green world with 80.876 trees where Mjolnir only have 72.144 trees!

LiF : Quickfix patch released (

From Community Announcements – Life is Feudal (Bobik)
We’ve just released an emergency patch, that is dedicated to fixing a server vulnerability that had appeared after previous patch. Aforementioned vulnerability allowed everyone to use GM mode commands without a GM password.

Make sure that you or your server admins had updated your servers properly. Sorry for inconvenience :(

World Lag Update

Soo, on our new server, the following have been observed:

Lag spike every 3 hours, this is when a new ingame day begins and all tree growth and more is handled.

These are danish ‘real life’ hours when the server will lag for upto 30 seconds!


Tunneling also cause a small lag spike when a block is destroyed, some terraforming on steep slopes is also responsible for lag!

You’ve been warned!

Worlds moved to Dedicated Server

I’ve just moved the worlds to a 100% dedicated server in austria!

Please update your favorites :)

EDIT : Initially its a bit laggy when digging, this should be resolved later tonight.