Ravelhold Guild Ruleset

Foremost all members must read and submit to the Epleland RP Ruleset

Guild Rules
All members must be online on Discord (Alternatively Teamspeak, there should always be one person online in discord voice, if a group is on teamspeak. So the voicechat is never idle and we can receive request from other players / guilds)

On Discord you must have our guild tag [RH] in ALL LIFE IS FEUDAL RELATED CHAT ROOMS.
Followed by a Space and your MAIN Characters full name.

[RH] Eihgirr Ravenlord
[RH] Artifexa Vargh

The Rank of Recruit is given upon newcommers to Ravenhold, depending on their level of commitment and general likability, they can advance faster in the ranks.

Once a Peasant with at least 300 crafting skills and 100 combat skills, advancement is possible.
This falls at the discretion of the combat class leader and the whole Viscouncil to decide if and when.

All members can build / request a personal house within the walls of our beautiful city.

The Viscouncil [Ældråd] [Old Ravens] is made out of the founding members of the settlement Hedeby, first known as the Guild and from 29’th of March 1031, known as of Hedeby [RH].

The Viscouncil hold the power and will to legislate and decreed laws and guidelines for the whole of Ravenhold and the outlaying 100 tiles from our borders.

Any guild claims put down within 200 tiles from Ravenhold will be disputed and forcefully removed.



Grandfluke Neylou

Viscount / Viscountess – Mojay / Bumle / Mystra / Gunhild
Baron / Baroness
Warchief < Discord Rank only, Knight / Dame Soldier < Discord Noble < Discord Townsman < Discord Reeve Peasant Recruit

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