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Minecraft Rules

Be respectful to other users. Don't spam the public chat, and definitely do not advertise in any form on our servers.

Only discuss game related topics ingame, keep real world problems in the real world. Languages permitted are Danish and English, take longer chats into /whisper or use /mail

Disabling our Texturepack or use of other texturepacks are permitted, except when they offer you with an unfair advantage. Recipe, Map and similar local plugins are allowed.

PvP is allowed however there is a close line from playful PvP to slaughter and herassment, keep it civil.

You will be banned without warning from our gameservers, website and teamspeak, should you break any of these rules.


Good to Know

You will need [Member] status to use various functions in the world and spawnville, you will automaticly get [Member] status after 24 hours of in game playtime, though in unclaimed areas anyone can build and edit the world.

You can and should use [Golden Shovel] to claim land, and build within the borders, you automaticly get access to claim more land over time. Other players cannot attack you inside your claim, nor can you or others be attacked while inside Spawnville

Dragon Travel can be used to gain access to far away areas.


As our Spawncity is constantly under development, you can expect to see many things change.


We hope to see you in game and you'll enjoy playing in our realm.