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    Hedeby – Trade & Mercenary Settlement – RP Epleland – SRV:32

    We are looking for skilled craftsmen, fierce warriors, ample bowmen and naturally people who are looking for a place to belong and be part of a thriving settlement. We are looking for any classes / professions and people from all European nationalities as we already have Danish, German, Swedish, Polish, English, Romanian players, We expect you have some experience with Life is Feudal : YO/MMO or at least spend time on Newbie island to learn some basic game mechanics before venturing forth on Epleland.

    Hedeby got walls all around, 3 gates, a trading station and many warehouses and houses, We’ve done all the ground work for a thriving settlement and we are looking for more dedicated people to expand even further.

    Our discord channel is full of both guildsmen and friendly players we’ve met through our travels or bartered with as they made way through Hedeby.

    Please feel free to join us on discord https://discord.gg/jRjH7EZ have a chat with us.
    You are 18+, have a functional working headset with a microphone (DO NOT CONNECT USING A BUILD IN LAPTOP MICROPHONE) always use push to talk.

    Hedeby is in Epleland, Roleplay, Server: 32
    Look for Trading Stations and find Hedeby (we have a complete two tile bridge from our peninsula to the northern mainland, woohoo!)

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